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IMPORTANT advice for anyone needing fencing work

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Luckily, so far this winter, we have avoided any big storms so far. But that doesn't mean that your fence won't come down if it hasn't been properly built.

If your fence has come down it is because the posts keeping it up gave way. They either snapped off at the base or they came out of the ground. Either way, they were not strong enough.

So, it’s important that the same thing doesn't happen again. When getting quotes for new fences, the following are key.

1. The posts must be placed in holes that are 60cm deep and at least 25cm wide. If not, they will become shaky.

2. The posts themselves should be 100mm thick, don’t go for 75mm posts if you’re putting up a 6ft fence. They are not sturdy enough.

3. These holes should be filled to the top with concrete or postcrete.

4. Make sure all wood is pressure treated and comes from a reliable source. Untreated wood or timber that has just had a coat of preservative painted on will not last.

5. Check that your contractor will give you a written guarantee with their work and that they have plenty of positive reviews. If they can’t show you positive reviews, then ask yourself why.

6. Don’t expect to pay for labour up front. Some contractors may ask for materials to be paid up front but as there is a shortage of timber at the moment and demand will be high in the coming months, we’d suggest you should be cautious about paying for anything at all up front.

7. Make sure your contractor specifies in writing the style of fencing and that you are happy with the height, the width and the gaps between slats if it’s not to be a solid fence.

If you have any queries or concerns, seek clarification before committing to an order. We are happy to advise you if you need any help or need a quotation.

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